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Cannon Marketing Line Card
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Commercial Ice Cubers, Flakers, Bins, Dispensers,
Display Cases, Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers.


Water Filtration and Water Softeners.


Ice Storage Bins, And Transport Systems.


Soft-Serve Machines, Frozen Beverage Units, Cocktail Dispensers, Milkshake Machines, and Batch Freezers.


Commercial Microwave Ovens.



S/S Sinks and Tables, Wire Shelving, Aluminum Products, Hood Filters, Plumbing, Casters, Refrigerated Products, Dish Racks and Furniture.


High Quality Heater Proofer Cabinets, Holding Cabinets, Aluminum Racks, Mobile Servicing Stations and Carts.


Automatic Ice Cube Transfer Systems.

UV Sanitation Products.

Commercial Warewashing Equipment.

Plastic Ware Buffet Items, Busing & Utility, Drinkware, Food Preparation, Food Storage and Trays.

Ice Merchandisers, Walk-In Coolers & Freezers, Cold & Controlled Storage Solutions.


A Master Wholesale Foodservice Equipment Distributor
and Manufacturers Representative headquartered in Kinston, NC.

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